You probably didn’t know that your iPhone had an iOS hidden app Here’s how you can find out more

If you regularly scan QR codes then this app can be added to an iPhone’s Control Centre for easy access, BGR reported.

You’ve probably scanned QR codes on your iPhone and know that the Camera app can pick these up.

The Code Scanner App is a must-have app.

This dedicated iOS program does offer one advantage over the Camera app’s QR function. You’ll get prompted to open Safari if you scan the QR code via your iPhone’s Camera app.

This web page can be automatically opened using the Code Scanner App, which will save you precious clicks. Also, QR Codes that are scanned using the iPhone Camera app will open in Safari. However, anything opened with the Code Scanner App is opened in an in-app browser.

It helps to declutter Safari by removing unnecessary tabs that you might only be using once. It’s simple to setup the Code Scanner App in Control Centre if you need quick access.

Publiated at Sun 22 August 2021, 07:06:13 PM +0000

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