“A little bit of escapism!” Man rides 14 buses in the local area. London to Lancashire: In less than a day

Jo Kibble was an Ealing council official in west London. He challenged himself to take a unique holiday. He took a local bus as far from London as possible.

This idea was created by a public transport fan during lockdown.

After planning for his route for several weeks, Kibble finally left London, leaving behind only the lunch that Lisa had packed him.

Mr Kibble explained his reasons for taking the unusual trip: “Having been denied the possibility of any more exotic trips, I felt it would be fun to get a little bit of escapism while seeing some of the country.

Buses are great because you have a view that is far above the ground, so you can see through hedges and other buildings.

According to Mr Kibble, the most spectacular part of the route was that stretch which runs between Matlock in the Peak District and Buxton. He described it as being “stunningly gorgeous”.

The total bus fare cost for 14 buses was PS56.95.

He returned by train to London, which cost him an additional PS40.90.

Mister Kibble traveled more than 200 miles but he didn’t know if Morecambe would be the farthest place he could reach in less than 24 hours.

He said, “I must get some rest.” It’s better to go home than spend money on a hotel room.

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