Black Box praised as a life-saving tool for its ability to reduce mortality Speeding, fatal car accidents


Black Box praised as a life-saving tool for its ability to reduce mortality
Speeding, fatal car accidents

Sometimes referred to simply as “telematics”, black box policies monitor drivers’ behaviours and offer lower renewal premiums for safer driving. Adrian Flux is one of the UK’s most respected specialist motor insurer brokers. He has provided data that suggests which type of coverage positively influences driving behavior.

Their FluxScore blackbox offering, FluxScore Black Box Analysis, reduces the amount of gross and significant speeders by an incredible 60% and 70% respectively.

The company has shown that its research has revealed it can achieve values of 52 percent and 42 percent respectively after the app and box have been activated for 90 days. This shows that it is more effective at speeding down in the long-term.

Reduced speed helps to prevent collisions and significantly decreases severity of injury from any type of impact.

According to the World Health Organisation, an average speed increase of only 0.6 mph increases your risk of injury-inducing crashes by three percent.

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It is alarming, as this statistic shows that the speed of aging remains a problem.

According to the DFT, police records show that 39% of young drivers were involved in crashes that resulted from “careless” or reckless driving.

Brake, a road safety charity, found that the younger generation was one fifth more likely than their older peers to drive at high speeds.

Black box insurance policies allow the box to automatically dial out if there has been an accident.

Ayesha Jenkins used this safety feature when her car crashed into a ditch despite traveling only 10mph on snowy roads at 30mph.

She stated that it was nice to be able to talk to someone as quickly as possible, as you are in a place where you don’t know much.

It’s technology that saves lives.

Although mine wasn’t serious, it was a minor accident. However, if anyone is incapacitated after an accident with the black box, then someone will know.

You see a lot of people who crash onto country roads, often teens speeding around, but they are not discovered until many hours later, by which time they have died because nobody has located them.

Many people believe they are limited because of a blackbox, but in reality it is helping them to become safer and more efficient drivers.

“I can’t drive fast, and I was in a car accident.

No one likes a black box to start driving. They want to drive as fast and as safe as possible.

“But, I would stand for black boxes even before the accident.”

2019 saw 73 percent of the young driver deaths on rural roads. This is a reminder that it’s important to keep all motorists, particularly inexperienced, off the road.

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