BMW M2CS: EVO’s top ten best German performance Automobiles

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The BMW M2 CS is certain to be remembered as the best and most exciting car ever built. BMW plans to make the next generation of the F87, which provided the perfect platform for the entire M2 range. EVO Magazine named the M2 CS one of Germany’s Top Ten Best Performance Cars.

This distinction is even more impressive when one considers the cars that are on the list. The Porsche Cayman 718 GT4 and Porsche 981 Cayman GT4 join the BMW M2 CS.

The BMW M2 CS in itself is the ultimate 2 Series you can buy. What started initially as a simple Coupe model in the Bavarian range quickly evolved into a proper M car with the F87 M2 initially. That model was more of improvisation to keep fans happy. It used an upgraded N55 engine, got some parts from the bin left over from other M cars and something was put together that stole everyone’s minds. Then the Competition model came out and fixed some of the issues the original came with.

Next came the M2 CS model which is basically the best you can hope for. It uses a left-over S55 engine from the old M3 and M4 models, some bracing, new suspension bits and bigger brakes while also losing some weight, thanks to a carbon fiber hood and roof. All the measures needed to make it into a proper sports car. It also makes 444 horsepower and 406 lb-ft.

The BMW M2 CS, without a shadow, is undoubtedly the best M car currently on the market. It is also the M5 CS, and it is most certainly the most enjoyable M car since 1 Series M.

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