Call of Duty player spends more than PS4,000 on the hit game, then is banned

According to the gamer, they had arrived in Australia and decided to download Call of Duty Mobile. They were quickly handed a 10-minute ban.

The Call of Duty fan initially didn’t like this but was eventually banned for one hour.

The gamer then allegedly received a 10 year ban.

Reddit’s post explaining the situation read “Please vote to help me out, my account has been banned for 10 year”.

Redditor Bronac1234 wrote: “So, I used to be from Pakistan. I began playing codm there. Then, when I moved to Australia recently, I began playing again.

However, I was given a ban for 10 minutes yesterday. I wasn’t too concerned about it since it only lasted 10 minutes.

“I was banned for an hour after I hopped onto today. This is what I don’t understand.

Publiated at Mon, 23 August 2021 @ 15:43.20 +0000

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