Crusader Kings 3 looks like it could soon be here Consoles

Taiwan Rating Board

According to the Taiwanese rating board, Paradox Interactive may soon bring its excellent medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings 3 onto consoles.

As spotted by Gematsu, three relevant listings (seemingly now removed) have found their way onto the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee’s website; one for Crusader Kings 3 on PlayStation 5, one for the game on Xbox Series X/S, and another for Xbox One.

Paradox will make it official, but Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee is good at leaking announcements before they are made. Everything from Crash Bandicoot 4 and last year’s BioShock ports on Switch have appeared on the committee’s website well in advance of their official unveilings.

Crusader Kings III Trailer.

Paradox, as both a publisher and a developer, has shown an increasing interest in bringing its strategy games to consoles over the years. For example, the games Stellaris and Empire of Sin and Surviving Mars have been released for Xbox and PlayStation, respectively, so it’s not surprising that Crusader Kings 3 would be available on Xbox.

If the listing proves to be true (we’ve asked Paradox Interactive for comment but have yet to receive a response), PlayStation and Xbox owners are in for a treat; Crusader Kings 3 is a absolute triumph, delivering a dizzyingly rich but surprisingly accessible game of medieval politics, intrigue, strategy, and, of course, really bad poetry.

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