Destiny 2 Witch queen: Time and Season 3.30 Update

Destiny 2 Witch queen: Time and Season 3.30 Update

Destiny 2 Witch queen: Time and Season 3.30 Update

A special livestream is being hosted on Twitch today by Bungie, who have confirmed they will be fully revealing the new Destiny 2 Witch Queen DLC.

This special event will take place one hour before the Season 15 or Season of the Lost begins.

Unfortunately, the Witch Queen DLC won’t be released this year. Season 15 will provide the next update.

The Witch Queen was described earlier as “The Witch Queen represents a significant evolution in the ongoing tale of Destiny 2”. Beyond Light provided the basis and enabled us to connect Destiny 2 and Destiny 3 together. However, The Witch Queen will ignite the flames on an interconnected story across Lightfall, Destiny 2 and beyond that is unlike any we have ever tried before. It features characters, arcs and heroes as well as villains that continue over many future releases.

We wanted to give ourselves plenty of time so that The Witch Queen can unfold as it does. This is why we started with The Witch Queen’s exceptional first chapter.


Bungie confirmed the Destiny 2 Witch King reveal at 5 p.m. BST, August 24, 2010.

You can watch this on Bungie’s official Twitch channel. New trailers are expected to be posted on YouTube.

Expect the development team to reveal the most recent news about the Witch Queen expansion and confirm the next release from the Destiny Vault.

Following the livestream, the Season of the Lost will launch. It is expected to bring a lot of major changes for the game.

Bungie confirmed to us that the Prophecy Dungeon’s loot pools are being updated.

It is one launch for all platforms. This means that everybody has access to the latest update simultaneously.

Bungie sent a message saying that Season 15 introduced Legendary Stasis weapons. We’ve received some concerns about their use, especially in PvP.

The Power slot houses the Stasis Power weapon, while the Kinetic slots house all the other Stasis weapons. To avoid crowding out the Energy slot and make it possible to use them in match games, this is done. At this point, the Kinetic slot will not be renamed.

Stasis weapons are not intrinsically different from other types of damage weapons, but they can be rolled with Stasis benefits.

We generally want Stasis perks that slow down or freeze effects to be triggered by a kill trigger. This is easy to do in PvE, fun to use in PvP and not too annoying.

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