FFXIV Maintenance

FFXIV Maintenance: What time are servers offline today?

FFXIV Maintenance
ffxiv maintenance

After FFXIV’s popularity surge, server issues affected the game. Square Enix has taken steps to fix these problems and is now working with Square Enix on Final Fantasy 14.

This is all without mentioning the plans to release an ambitious Endwalker expansion in the latter part of the year. It will be sure to attract a lot more players back to the FFXIV servers.

These planned improvements have one downside: Final Fantasy 14 maintenance will be required across all worlds and large platforms such as Steam.

This also causes server downtime that can last hours, preventing gamers from playing for the majority of their mornings in the UK.


Square Enix confirmed that FFXIV maintenance will be performed in the UK on Tuesday August 24, at 2 AM BST.

The same Final Fantasy server will be down in North America on August 23rd, 2021 at 6 pm PDT.

Final Fantasy 14 server down for 9 hours. This means that Final Fantasy 14 will be offline for a long time.

Square Enix will bring FFXIV servers online around 11:00 BST, but there may be delays or changes.

Official information from the FFXIV Support Team explains that: “In order for Patch 5.58 HotFixes to be implemented and to maintain the infrastructure, maintenance will be performed on all Worlds. FINAL FANTASY XIV won’t be available during this time.”

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We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this error and thank you for your patience.

The Rising event will begin August 27, and another Final Fantasy 14 event is set for the horizon.

You will be able to access new items, a quest and special effects.

Square Enix confirmed that The Rising will end in September, and they will host a livestream to celebrate the launch of the event.

A stress test will also be performed on this day, and Final Fantasy Support Team informs fans about it.

“In preparation of Endwalker’s release, we will conduct a stress test at the Mana Data Center Friday, August 27, to confirm server stability using the Duty Finder as well as the overall data center.

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We would appreciate the help of the Mana Data Center players as this test involves the participation of many player-controlled characters.

We have sufficient data and the activity levels in the last weeks to perform a stress test on European or North American data centers.

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