GAME has a PS5 available: Get a PS5 for PS10 at your nearest store


GAME has a PS5 available: Get a PS5 for PS10 at your nearest store

GAME customers get a PlayStation 5 console starting at PS10.

Customers are encouraged to go to their nearest store to place a pre-order for a PS5.

Simply go to your nearest GAME shop and make a PS10 deposit. You’ll be given a new console upon arrival.

GAME tweeted that “First come first served” Pre-order yours by coming in. To ensure your order arrives on time, you will need to pay a PS10 deposit.

The console is expected to be in stock by the PS5 UK Stock Account before the week ends.

Unfortunately, the promotion is not available in all locations. You should check with your local store to confirm.

A PS5 UK Stock tweet reads, “GAME INSTORE PS5 PRICE ORDERS.” Check your nearest store to confirm – it is not always possible.

Reserve PS10, collection at the end of each week

GAME wasn’t the only store to stock PlayStation 5 this week. ShopTo stock the PlayStation 5 over the weekend. Base, on the other hand, is emailing its customers.

You’ll want to play new games if you can get your hands on a PS5.

Although Returnal isn’t too far away, launch title Demon’s Souls remains the most popular game for the PlayStation 5.

Ratchet and Clank A Rift Apart are a great option if you want something more family-friendly.

Many games, including Ghost of Tsushima and Final Fantasy 7 Remake have been updated for PS5.

Some other great games are coming up soon as well, such as Deathloop for PS5, which was developed by Dishonored.

PlayStation 5 Shopping Tips when buying from GAME (via PS5 UK stock )….

Be familiar with bundles so that you can choose the right one. Obscure bundles may be easier to find, but standalones are almost impossible. [GAME]

Click on the alert to get into the queue. [GAME]

It means the bundle has been canceled. Go back to bundles and choose another. [GAME]

You will experience a 30–60 second delay if you try to do too much at once. This is normal. Wait a while and then go back to it. [GAME]

PlayStation 5 General Shopping Tips

If you have an existing account, log in.

* You can use multiple devices whenever possible: desktop browser, tablet, phone, and laptop.

* Download the dedicated app from the retailer to purchase a PS5.

Register for stock alerts from retailers when possible. ShopTo allows users to register their interest.

* Use stock checking websites and accounts, such as Express Gaming and PS5 UK Stock.

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