Honey Ross is 24-year-old daughter of Jonathan Ross. Dramatic makeover

Honey Ross (24 years old) took to Instagram last week to share her latest look. She snapped a photo of her shoulder-length orange hair. Although her hair is usually strawberry blonde, Honey Ross has chosen to go bolder.

The fashion forward style was to straighten her freshly dyed hair and turn it upwards at its ends.

She wore a yellow spaghetti strap top with a flashy tattoo of two naked women side-by-side.

She captioned her post with “Change is Good, Thank You for Fulfilling My Fruit Salad Fantasy @nosebleedsaresexy.”

Honey also identified Bleach as a London salon that specializes in color.

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Honey, along with Scarlett Curtis and Grace Campbell, is an activist in Pink Protest. They campaign for law changes, such as the payment of racial justice activists.

A TV show she is currently working on, which she describes as “absolutely terrifying”, since it has “been my dream since 17”.

Honey, who has vowed to encourage body positivity in keeping with her promise, walked 2020 Fashion Week for VIN + OMI designers.

She clarified her position on Instagram that year by saying: “I am not a model!” Although I am a writer, activist and photographer, I love to look at myself. I prefer muse to model.

She recently shared a bikini photo while holding a Love Island waterbot for a modeling session.

Honey reposted her snap in which her friend wrote: “@honeykinny the life model of your dreams.”

Honey was thirsty while modeling, as she clutched her water bottle and sipped Aperol Spritz.

Honey wasn’t accompanied by Zane Saz, her boyfriend. She had shared a very raunchy photo with him recently and Honey didn’t want to go.

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