How to test your iPhone’s battery life

Your phone may have a low battery life if you feel like your iPhone is constantly charged or are looking for outlets to plug it in.

Apple’s built-in tools make it easy to determine if your iPhone is really about to go out of battery.

You can save money by understanding how your iPhone’s battery works. The cheapest iPhone is $399. You can make the most of what you’re working with by treating the battery right and implementing a few tricks and tips.

These are some tips to help you monitor the health of your iPhone’s battery and make sure it runs like new.

How to find iPhone battery information

Go to “Settings”, and then click on “Battery”. Here you’ll find a breakdown on when your battery was used and what apps were using the most of it. The past 24 hours and the last 10 days can be viewed.

All about that battery
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You will also find a section called Battery Health. You can click that to see a quick overview of your current battery health. The maximum battery capacity of my iPhone 8 (which I purchased in December 2019) is 85 percent. You are more successful if you can get to 100 percent. Apple cautions you that a lower capacity could result in less usage time between charges.

Even if you have a lower-than-100-percent capacity, you can still operate at “peak performance.” You can check the “Battery Health”, which will tell you if your battery is still working as usual — or not. These issues might be a sign that your iPhone is having problems.

  • App launch times are longer

  • Scrolling is slower

  • Backlight dimming

  • Lower speaker volume

  • Apps that run slower

Even if you have a smaller battery, it’s still possible to use your iPhone. Apple claims that phones with a capacity of 80 percent or more will continue to function as normal. These are some settings and tricks that you can try to save your battery.

  • Reduce your screen brightness. You don’t even have to adjust it.

  • Connect to WiFi more often than using cell data.

  • Don’t keep your battery full. It will eventually start to degrade after 500 charging cycles. If you don’t really have to charge your phone, keep it below 100 percent. Keep your battery’s voltage from dropping to zero percent. Instead, dropping to control center (change the settings under “Control Center” and then “Customize Controls”), or go into the battery settings to turn it on manually. The low battery option will be listed under settings.

    A notification will appear to activate the energy saving when your phone reaches 20%. Another notification will appear at 10%.

    How to change your iPhone’s battery

    Apple can also replace your battery if it isn’t working. You’ll be notified if your Battery Health section shows “Your battery’s condition is seriously degraded.”

    If your iPhone is out of warranty or you don’t have AppleCare+, which covers battery life as long as you’re paying for the phone insurance, you’ll have to cough up $49 or $69 (plus $6.95 for shipping) depending on your model to have Apple put in a new battery. If short battery life is your only issue, with a replaced battery you’ll feel like you have a whole new phone, even if you’re still rocking an iPhone 6s.

    You should take extra care of your battery.

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