Jamie Carragher, Liverpool’s hero says Jurgen Klopp is the reason. Perfect answer for Romelu Lukaku


Jamie Carragher, Liverpool's hero says Jurgen Klopp is the reason.
Perfect answer for Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku was a sensation under Thomas Tuchel, scoring immediately upon his return to Chelsea. However, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher suggests that Jurgen Klopp will be proving difficult for Romelu Lukaku on Saturday.

Romelu Lukaku made his homecoming a success. He scored in the first 15 minutes of Chelsea’s second Chelsea appearance and bullied Arsenal during the Emirates’ 2-0 win.

Chelsea signed the Belgian for PS97.5million, from Inter Milan seven years ago.

Lukaku said he still had some business to do at Chelsea. Everton had to make a mistake in judging Lukaku’s abilities and sold him to Everton. Now he is ready to storm the Premier League.

Chelsea will face Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday. However, former Red Jamie Carragher believes that Jurgen Klopp may make it more difficult for Lukaku.

Thomas Tuchel brought Lukaku in to provide a physical presence for Chelsea’s top players. The 28-year old was effective against Arsenal, and is likely to continue his performance against all Premier League sides this season.

But Carragher explained that it might prove more challenging against Liverpool. “The best way for Arsenal to be described is that they tried to play as Liverpool or Man City would, but haven’t got enough players.

Van Dijk will be a favourite against Lukaku, but Liverpool won’t let Chelsea down.

It’s going be a tough battle, but Liverpool will, without a doubt, be trying to get to the halfway point.

Although Carragher was kind about Lukaku’s performance, he also said that Arsenal played a major role in Sunday’s victory. “What we saw yesterday from Lukaku does not mean he will do the same to all defenders. This was bad organization.

He’s an excellent striker, and is a great handful. Arsenal was a big influence on his goals.

Lukaku scored against Arsenal his 114 th goal in the Premier League. However, it was also his first goal for Chelsea. The striker is prolific all over the world, except at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea was not convinced by West Bromwich Albion’s and Everton’s successful loan spells, but they were still able to persuade Chelsea to sell. Both Everton United and Manchester United are grateful for this lapse in judgment.

Lukaku was a key player in Inter’s first Serie A title win. He briefly quit the Premier League. But, the 28-year old striker returns to the Premier League as a complete striker.

Lukaku may not have broken the transfer fee record, but he did accumulate fees for transfers to Chelsea and Everton as well as United, United, Inter, which means he is now more than Neymar at PS247m.

Chelsea will hope that this season they have it all right as they try to improve on their Champions League win last year.

Lukaku is a goal-guardian, but can he score enough goals to take his team to the Premier League title.

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