Mother Shipton’s Cave: See the UK’s oldest tourist attraction Attraction with a 390-year-old petrif


Mother Shipton's Cave: See the UK's oldest tourist attraction
Attraction with a 390-year-old petrif

The young girl, despite her looks gained respect. She became the herbalist of the village and quickly proved she was able to predict the future.

Although her prophecies started small regarding the residents of the town, she eventually saw the outcomes of King Henry VIII of England. One of these was his separation from the Catholic Church and the creation of the Church of England.

Legend has it that water from Mother Shipton’s Cave’s pools can transform objects into stone.

It is known for its incredible stalactites.

This natural phenomenon is created by the water dripping from rocks that contain minerals which gradually increase in size over time, creating a magical impression.

The Petrifying Well is located just outside the cave. Here, visitors will find small teddy bears which have turned into stoney forms.

Do not miss your chance to visit the Wishing Well, which has been a popular tradition for more than 300 years. Several people confirm that their wishes have been granted.

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