Shang-Chi Review: Simu Liu, the best Marvel hero is now

Marvel‘s latest entry to its cinematic universe is fighting an uphill battle. Spider-Man: Far From Home was the last movie to carry on this epic series’ story following Avengers Endgame. Black Widow was released on Disney Plus in January 2019. However, it was a prequel that had no impact on the post-Snap world. Enter Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, a film tasked with continuing the Avengers story while introducing a brand new hero, evil organisation, and set of magical artifacts – as well as being the pressure of being the first Asian-led Marvel flick. These challenges aside, Shang-Chi remains one of the most outstanding Marvel films to date.

Simu Liu plays Shang-Chi in Kim’s Convenience. As a youngster, he ran from the supervillain father he had and began a new life with his American mother.

Shaun is now known as the hero and lives in San Francisco with Katy (Awkwafina).

Assassins attack him and his friend. The past Shang-Chi believed he had left behind is brought back to haunt him.

This is not just a fascinating journey through Chinese cinema and culture but also a thrilling tale full of surprising turns.

Liu is brilliant. Liu, who is Chinese-Canadian, owns each moment that he’s onscreen – and, thankfully it is quite a lot.

The quippy character is a joy to watch in the slower, more comedy-driven scenes, rivalling that of Spider-Man and Iron Man, but is equally as enticing when the heart of the film rears its head.

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Perhaps the most important thing is that Liu appears convincing in many of the fight scenes.

Liu is at ease on big-screen, from battling three bus thugs to flying through the air during the last battle, Although it is early days for Liu, this will be an exciting chapter in his career.

The incredible story that surrounds Liu’s character helps to enhance his acting skills.

Shang-Chi has put a lot of effort into his backstory. This warrior is Wenwu’s only child (Tony Chiu Wai Leung), an evil ruler who rules the East for hundreds of years with his magical ten rings. These rings grant him extraordinary life expectancy and incredible abilities.

Shang-Chi is needed to help him with a new mission that the warlord has returned to.

The film’s mythical and magical story is not only possible to be retold, but it also never feels absurd.

It is difficult to follow the middle section of the film’s pace.

The viewers will be immersed in dangerous fights, where death is just one move away. Next they’ll get some information to help expand the story.

Shang-Chi is a fascinating character whose backstory is important and entertaining to see. It does not seem to be necessary, but it is sometimes done.

Shang-Chi can be hilarious when the pace isn’t being slowed by unplanned narrative tunnels.

Awkwafina’s Katy is a strong source of humor throughout the movie. But, she also does more.

The film’s heart is expanded by her ambiguous relationship to Shang-Chi, which raises real stakes in every battle. Even when the otherworldly presence threatens everything,


Shang-Chi, the new Marvel face is here! The Legend of the Ten Rings is funny, passionate, riveting, and breathtaking to watch. It feels even more original than many of Marvel’s recent additions to the MCU. Simu Liu, who is a delight to see and works well alongside Tony Leung in creating a complex and touching father-son dynamic all through the film, is incredibly entertaining.

Shang-Chi’s Legend of the Ten Rings and Shang-Chi are in cinemas September 3.

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