Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer ‘LEAKED’: Doc Ock’s first footage

Rumours surrounding the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home have been a hot topic for months at this point. Marvel fans have been hotly anticipating the trailer’s release, which is said to involve previous Spidey actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. The internet has seen a video that appears to be a draft trailer.

Sony Pictures and Marvel haven’t confirmed that the scenes or events in this video are real. Readers should take these facts with a grain.

Also, the video was removed from the site.

The film will continue from Far From Home’s final shocking moments, in which Peter Parker (Tom Holland), secret identity was revealed by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), the film’s next scenes are expected to be continued.

A trailer is also reported to contain unfinished CGI.

There have been rumours that Parker may be visiting Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), as the actor has already been on the list.

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Additional reports claim that former Spider-Men Garfield, Maguire and others will join Holland for his latest adventure.

Commentators on the trailer said that Molina was indeed revealed in it.

One said: “The leaked #SpiderManNoWayHome trailer gets me even more excited for it, as terrible as it is. This multiverse angle may end up being their best. #MCU is on fire. When Alfred Molina appeared, I felt chills.

Another said: “Oh my goodness Alfred Molina #SpiderManNoWayHome.” (sic).

Spider-Man fanatics shouldn’t be surprised by Molina’s return, as he has previously confirmed that rumors of him being cast were true.

Molina stated earlier in the year that “when we were filming [No Way Home], all of us were under orders to not talk about it because it was supposed be some big secret.”

It’s everywhere on the internet, but it is true. “I actually considered myself to be the worst secret Hollywood has!” (Via Variety).

Molina said, “It was amazing.” After 17 years of playing the same role it was fascinating to go back and play that part again.

Spider-Man 2’s actor Peter Parker is not the only one to speak out about his involvement in the film.

Foxx uploaded an image last year of Electro, his Amazing Spider-Man 2 Character, fighting off three Spider-Men.

In his Instagram caption, he claimed he had been involved with the film.

Foxx stated in an now-deleted blog post that Foxx had said: “Tell Spidey, let’s get it back!” Super excited [to] be a part of the Marvel Spider-Man New Instalment. I can’t wait to see the new Marvel Spider-Man. This one won’t make me blue! (sic).

Garfield has, however, stated that he had not been contacted about taking on the role of Peter Parker again.

Spider-Man: The Way Home is still not available.

Spider-Man: The Way Home will be released on December 17, 2021.


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