Ten people you should follow to get the best advice on how to do things. Paint

It’s never too late to get a hobby started.

Thanks to an overwhelming number of Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts addressing virtually every topic, learning a new skill like painting has never been more accessible.

Painting can provide a relaxing way to express yourself creatively and can also be used as a daily activity. We’ve reviewed a lot of TikTok and Instagram accounts that paint, and we found 10 that offer great tips, videos and beautiful paintings to inspire you.

Beware: These accounts are sure to make you feel like spending a lot of money on art supplies.

Paul Wang, a Singaporean urban sketcher and watercolourist is Paul Wang. He can be found painting scenes and buildings from cafes and restaurants. He uses unusual shapes and textures to create a whimsical style. On his Instagram, Wang shares short videos of process and shows how to paint warm-ups. You can follow him on Instagram to see his texture and shape-work videos. For more free teaching content of Wang’s, check out his YouTube. There he posts longer process videos as well as sketch along videos with fellow urban sketcher @suhitasketch.

Polina Bright, a Sydney-based visual artist, paints flowers and birds, as well as women. You can follow her to learn to draw faces and painting birds. You can find tutorial videos as well as videos of her sketching process. You can also find her Instagram Story Highlights with tutorials for drawing eyes and lips and painting birds.

Jennifer Orkin Lewis creates joyful watercolor and gouache paintings that depict nature. Her collaborations with brands such as Kate Spade and Anthropologie will likely have you recognising her unique style. Her Instagram feed is full of inspiration and she often posts videos about the painting process.

Samantha Dion Baker is author of Draw Your Day, and Draw Your World. You can also find process videos and watercolors of Dion Baker’s day from her sketchbook. In real-time, she also creates Instagram Lives. You can follow her to learn how you can get in the habit of creating images every day from your daily life.

Rosa, a Canadian artist who paints primarily with oil pastels or acrylics. She shares lush, green images of plants and nature on her Instagram. On her Instagram Story, she posts videos showing how to create clouds in watercolor paintings or how to paint peacock feathers. You can follow her on Instagram to see how she paints plants with different paint types.

Liz Steel, a Sydney-based sketcher who shares images from her sketchbook. Her Instagram account features process videos and mostly watercolor work. Head to her website for tons of free tips on everyday and travel sketching.

Hannah Pickerill, a watercolourist who paints mostly natural landscapes. Her completed works are posted to her Instagram. She also has an Art 101 series on TikTok, where she shares a range of tutorials. You can find tutorials about perspective, painting waves and color mixing.

Matthew Manalo, a watercolor artist from Davao City in the Philippines is Matthew Manalo. His process videos and tutorials on watercolor are posted by him. His playlist, “Watercolor Tutorials”, teaches watercolor color theory and blending techniques.

Sparketh offers online courses for teens and children. However, their TikTok provides great tips and tricks. Although the account doesn’t offer any painting tutorials, it does have a lot of other useful information. Sparketh TikTok offers videos that show you everything from how to draw neon lights to painting butterflies.

Shayda Campell, a watercolourist and YouTube instructor posts tutorials. She teaches journaling and watercoloring as well as illustration. You can learn how to letter and paint flowers from her YouTube channel.

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