TEST DRIVE 2021 BMW 4 Series Convertible. Looking Beyond The
Kidney Grille

TEST DRIVE 2021 BMW 4 Series Convertible. Looking Beyond The Kidney Grille

It is also different how the roof moves when it opens or closes. The whole roof creates a Z shape. To fold it, you need to stack the main parts one over the other, and then neatly fold them back. According to BMW the entire process can be completed in just 18 seconds and at speeds of 50km/h (31 MPH), which is a significant improvement on the previous generation 4 Series. The windows automatically raise when it is finished, much like the older model.

The new roof not only reduces weight by 40%, but also makes the boot more spacious. The boot now has 300 liters, which is 80 more than the old-generation model. Although this may seem like a significant upgrade, the boot’s opening is quite small. You might consider putting stuff inside the boot to ensure it fits under the roof.

BMW did however implement an interesting technique: the ability to adjust the flap of the soft-top compartment. You can access up to 385 liters total when your roof is down. You will find a ski hatch between the back seats. This is for those who want to take longer items or go skiing.

The 4 Series convertible has a unique feature: it can be configured with two colors for its textile roof. It can be finished in a traditional black or with the Anthracite Silver effect, which looks great.

Technically a 4-seater. Practically for two people

Inside the cabin there aren’t many differences compared to a regular Coupe model. Everything seems exactly the same up front but you will notice the lack of a B-pillar, which creates a sensation of space when sitting in the car. It also makes getting in the back a lot easier, as you can roll down the windows to help passengers out. However, there is a noticeably smaller and more cramped feeling in the back.

Although the 4 Series Convertible is technically a 4-seater, it would be able to accommodate smaller people. The seatbacks of the 4 Series convertible are a little higher, which makes longer trips a little more tedious. BMW used the old wind deflector for their new 4 Series drop-top, which is a little disappointing.

BMW has not changed the design of its E30 3 Series cabriolet, despite other manufacturers coming up with new solutions. This mesh is the same 2-piece that covers the back seats, nullifying them. If you plan to travel longer at faster speeds and with more people, then you will have to decide between personal comfort and taking three others along.

And that wind deflector truly makes a difference. Using it makes driving the 4 Series convertible rather comfy, without too much turbulence at speeds up to 110 km/h (68 mph) but if you remove it, you’ll notice that same threshold drops to about 80 km/h (50 mph). Raising the side windows will also help out a bit in this regard.

It is a fact that you can also enjoy great music on your ride, so you might consider the Harman Kardon high-end sound system on the 4 Series convertible. The hi-fi system that we tested delivered a very high level of sound quality and was quite impressive. The sound was warm and covered many frequencies. The only problem was its volume. But, that is why Harman Kardon has an alternative.

A Different Driving Experience than the Coupe

On the road, the 4 Series convertible feels a lot like its coupe brother. Some things have changed, as you would expect. Just like it is the case with any drop top, the body of the car had to be reinforced, to cope without a very important structural piece: its roof.

This bracing was not only used to increase the rigidity of the car’s body, but it also increased the suspension. An additional pair of bracing was added to reinforce the rear end. The convertible also features side skirts that have extreme torsional rigidity and double heels boards. There is also an aluminum shear panel at the front. The new BMW 4 Series Convertible has a four percent increase in static torsional rigidity overall over its predecessor.

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