This is the most ambitious American Civil War strategy game. Early access

Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) is a grand strategy game that’s just had its first anniversary of entering Early Access on Steam. To celebrate the occasion, developer Oliver Keppelmuller has announced that the massively ambitious game will be leaving Early Access next month, with its 1.0 update set for September 24.

Version 1.0 will include two additional campaign-start scenarios in addition to those already available in Early Access. There are also six historical stand-alone battles. This includes: Wilson’s Creek and Glorieta Pass; Shiloh; Perryville and Second Manassas; Antietam; Chacellorsville; Gettysburg; Chickamauga. Olustee. Wilderness. New Market. Bentonville.

Grand Tactician 1.0 will offer more maps than ever before to allow you to engage in historical battles. Keppelmuller claims that the game will have over 1,500 historical commanders to command your armies and formations. It also features a number of stability and performance improvements as well as better AI for battle and campaign, improved battlefield balance, better combat and battle strategies, and an era-themed interface that can be scaled to large screens and tired eyes.

Keppelmuller said there is plenty of things to look forward too after Grand Tactician’s launch date. Rare weapons, such as the Gatling gun, coffee mill gun, and one-pounder Williams gun will be added in a post-launch update, as well as the option to build government-subsidised industries in territories you control.

More battle maps, a custom avatar creator, and graphical enhancements are planned in the post-launch roadmap as well.

Grand Tactician, a realistic simulation of the American Civil War is available. It features real-time tactical battles and a campaign map covering the whole United States circa 1861. The price of 1.0 will increase by 10% when it arrives.

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