Three dolls are launched by Barbie in tribute to Latin America athletes

The toy company honors two Mexican women and a Chilean athlete. It is also the first time that Paralympic athletes have been honored.

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We have witnessed how Barbie, the most well-known doll, pays tribute to the real world characters in recent years to encourage new generations. Although Frida Kahlo, and the Brazilian doctor JaquelineGoes were included on this list, it was missing a significant representation of Latin American women… until now. Three Barbie dolls are launched in honor of athletes from this part of America.

Mattel recognised the sports career of the following three women: Francisca Mardones, a Chilean woman, and Paola Espinosa (a Mexican woman). This was done as part of Sheroes’ initiative and the campaign ” Unique “.

Francisca Mardones

A Paralympic Chilean athlete, she excels not in one but four disciplines: shot put, javelin, discus, and discus. Francisca represented Chile in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. A gold medal was also awarded to him at the Paralympic World Cup Dubai. He holds the world shot put record of 8.19m. Bronze medalist at both the Guadalajara Parapan American Games in 2011 and Rio 2007, she was also awarded. She won silver at the Lima Parapan American Games in 2019

Mattel’s tribute is very special to me. It is gratifying to see the results of my hard work in sports. She said, in a statement that she never dreamed I’d be the first Chilean woman to receive her Barbie.

Paola Espinosa

Espinosa has been regarded as one of the greatest athletes of diving in Mexico’s history. In synchronized platform diving of 10 meters, Espinosa has won silver and bronze medals at the Olympic Games. He has also won many medals including 8 golds at the World Championships and 13 in Pan American Games.

We are grateful for your kind words. Today, I know that all my efforts and goals have been worthwhile. I’ve inspired many girls with my example to follow their dreams until they reach their goals. Do not let any border prevent you from being what you want to be, “said the athlete on her Twitter account .

Paola Longoria

Also Mexican, Longoria is a professional racquetball player, World Champion on two occasions, she also has three individual gold medals and three in doubles by the International Racquetball Federation, and three gold medals in the Pan American Games, 2011, 2015 and 2019. According to the Women’s Professional Racquetball Organization, she is the most successful player today.

To achieve your dream, you only have to believe in it. I always had the goal of being the best in the world, a difficult dream, but with a lot of discipline, dedication, passion and dedication, I was able to achieve it, “Longoria said on her Instagram account.

“I dreamed that I could shout to the whole world about a Mexican capable of doing it!”

This is a tribute to the women who, through perseverance and struggle, have overcome barriers and achieved their goals. It will inspire millions of women. Miguel Angel Torreblanca (Marketing Director, Mattel LATAM) said that we want to honor each one of these women to recognize their contribution to an equitable, just, and more successful society.

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