VIDEO: BMW M5 CS – See how fast we got it up to 60 MPH. Mile

While I was with BMW M5 CS, it gave me the opportunity to record the vehicle’s 0-60 mph speed as well as the quarter mile time. This was my first ever experience with a Racebox, except for a press launch. It was simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. I was especially nervous because BMW had no other M5 CS press cars on the east coast. This BMW is a very limited edition, highly valuable, and extremely rare. It also happened to be the most powerful, fastest BMW ever, when it was on the runway. It’s not hard to do, is it?

It turned out that I didn’t have much to be concerned about. Due to its solid chassis and suspension, the BMW M5 CS was a true joy on the runway. BMW told me that I could run three quarter miles. BMW didn’t want me to play around with their very exclusive car. It was a user problem, and not a car problem, that I could not nail the time I wanted in just three runs. However, BMW’s launch control that day was often finicky.

On the first run, I ran a 3.18-60 mph and an 11.36 quarter-mile, as the M5 CS spun its rear tires too much on launch. BMW claims 2.9 seconds to 60 mph, so I was a bit disappointed with 3.18 and tried again. During the second run, I beat BMW’s claimed 0-60 mph time, at 2.88 seconds. However, in the corner of my eye, I thought I saw the quarter-mile time go off on the Racebox and slowed down. Because the runway was under half a mile, so I was just getting the quarter-mile time in and then backing off. However, I didn’t hit the quarter-mile when I slowed down, so my second run was wasted, even though my quarter-mile time was 11.06 and an improvement over the first.

The car needed to be cooled down in between runs. Launch control won’t even reengage again unless it gets a few minutes to cool down. I only had one run left and was waiting for it to cool down when the airport employee who was assisting me that day told me I only had a few minutes left before planes started to fly. Just a few seconds after that, a plane was getting ready for takeoff and the employee basically told me it was now or never. So I hoped the car had cooled down enough and went for it.

The third run was a success, even on slightly uneven runway pavement at Princeton Airport. The whole thing worked like a miracle. Launch control was working properly, the tires gripped and the runway was clear. It felt like I had been catapulted. The acceleration was so strong that it hurt my face, which you can see in this video. But it was worth it.

On the third run, the BMW M5 CS hit 60 mph in 2.81 seconds, went from 62-124 (100-200 km/h) in 7.25 seconds, and did the quarter-mile in 10.80 seconds. Admittedly, that was with a one-foot rollout, according to the Racebox. Still, that’s an insane time and one I’m very happy with.

The M5 CS isn’t the most exciting or impressive part, however. It’s a stunning driving vehicle, with a level of precision and control that is unmatched by the M3 Competition. This is the funniest and most exciting BMW that I have ever driven, and my favourite of all current BMWs.

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