“Absolutely Amazing Deals”: Discounting tips from Influencers Fly to and from the airport for a night free

Express.co.uk shared the tips of a traveller who records her journeys via her Youtube and Instagram channels. She boasts 156k subscribers, 59k followers, and both have 159k and 59k respectively.

Reserve separately

Alex suggests that it is important to avoid package deals in order to reduce costs.

She explains, “I usually book all things separately. I don’t book bundles.”

“I reserve buses and accommodation individually, but if it’s a flight, I will use Skyscanner to book the ticket or any other price comparison site.”

Loyalty schemes

Alex said: “I am also signed up for quite a few loyalty programs through Expedia or other similar schemes.

You will be given free nights and other perks if you continue to use particular brands. This can help you save money.

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Publiated at Tue 24 August 2021, 03:28.10 +0000

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