After being inspired by a film, Ozzy Osbourne decided to call Black Sabbath his own name.

After being inspired by a film, Ozzy Osbourne decided to call Black Sabbath his own name.

After being inspired by a film, Ozzy Osbourne decided to call Black Sabbath his own name.

Ozzy Osbourne, the legendary Prince of Darkness and Prince of Darkness, gained fame after he joined forces with Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Bill Ward to form Black Sabbath. Their aggressive and rhythmic guitar sounds have been credited with making Black Sabbath the pioneer of heavy metal music. Black Sabbath’s iconic name would have not been as well-known without the fact that it was something they discovered while drinking.

Ozzy talked about how he got the band together during a 2019 interview. He said that “we used to rehearsal in an Aston community center, which was just across the street from the movie theatre.

Tony or Geezer said it: “Isn’t it odd that people pay money for horror movies to scare them. We should write frightening songs. We used to update our f *****g names every week.

I can recall being on a ferry, and all of us were in the bar. We said to each other: “We have to get a better title!” Black Sabbath was named by Geezer. This name was inspired by one of our songs. (Via Google Quot)

However, this story contradicts another version about how the band got their dark name.

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The original name of the band was Earth. However, they were soon criticized by another group with that same name.

After the 1964 Boris Karloff movie of the same title, they changed their names to Black Sabbath. (Via BBC

Tony said later that “That was when all of it started to happen.” It was mysterious and gave people something to think about. And it also gave them a direction.

The band is famous for their name, but they nearly missed having the right line-up after a member became unwell.

Ozzy said, “I was in the same school with Tony Iommi the guitarist.” Ozzy was in the band Mythology, with Bill Ward as drummer.

I was part of a band called “The Rare Breed” with Geezer Butler. The band was not for me. Geezer said that the f *****g guitarist was a bully and that we should leave.

I put up an advertisement in Birmingham’s music store and Tony and Bill came looking for me. “We called ourselves Earth.”

After being expelled from Black Sabbath, Ozzy found success as a solo artist in the 1970s.

Tony removed Ozzy from the group after he refused to record and practice new music.

However, Bill, the drummer of the band, was given the task of delivering the news.

Later, he said, “I wish I had been professional. I may not have been. If I get drunk, I become horrible.

Black Sabbath was certain that alcohol was one of its most destructive elements. Our mutual destruction was our destiny. They were very toxic.

Tony stated that Ozzy was over at that point. Ozzy had been drinking so much, and we were doing lots of drugs.

We were supposed to be practicing, but nothing was actually happening. The message was: “Rehearse today?” It was like: ‘Rehearse today?’

It got to the point that it was impossible for us to do anything. The whole thing just ended in ashes.”


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