Apex Legends Down: EA servers temporarily unavailable due to Steam issues

According to the affected gamers, Apex Legends servers have been downed on EA Origin Steam servers this evening.

There are thousands of reports about the outage.

One user wrote: “You guys have problems with Steam but I am still playing the game. Is anyone able to connect since the beginning of this?

Unofficial website Down Detector received thousands of reports about Apex Legends not working.

To detect service outages around the globe, The Outage Tracker tracks social mentions about certain topics.

This Down Detector map illustrates how Apex Legends problems are affecting users across Europe and the UK.

EA and Respawn have not yet acknowledged the issue, so it’s impossible to set a timetable for a solution.

It seems that these issues are limited to Apex Legends, and not other EA titles.

This is a temporary outage that has already been revealed. Apex Legends will be back up on all platforms soon.


Publited at Wed 25 August 2021, 00:16:00 +0000

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