Atletico Madrid selects two Arsenal players in Kieran Trippier swap deal


Atletico Madrid selects two Arsenal players in Kieran
Trippier swap deal

Atletico Madrid would only be interested in two Arsenal players in a potential swap deal involving Kieran Trippier, according to reports. Arsenal are keen to sign Trippier in the current summer transfer window. Mikel Arteta spent approximately PS130million so far on new signings, but that is still not enough.

Arteta has a plan to sign a right back for Hector Bellerin, who is keen to leave Gunners.

They have not been able to locate a club that would sign Bellerin to a long-term deal.

After the Serie A champions rejected a clause in a loan agreement requiring them to purchase, Inter Milan’s move fell through.

Bellerin was linked to a possible swap with Trippier, Atletico Madrid.

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Atletico demanded that his entire release clause (PS34m) be paid. This forced the Red Devils to abandon their pursuit.

Arsenal has used at least two right-backs in the Premier League match so far this season.

Both Calum Chambers, and Cedric Sares were given the chance but have not taken advantage of it.

Trippier will turn 31 in the next month and would bring valuable experience to an Arsenal team that has had a terrible start to the campaign.

Arteta had to be without Ben White, a PS50m signer, and Gabriel, a fellow defender for Sunday’s match against Chelsea.

Martin Keown, a former Arsenal player believes that a shift in the formation of his team is needed.

Premier League Productions’ Keown stated that “I feel it’s now back to the drawing boards a bit.”

It was like a puzzle, just look at Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea takeover.

He chose to go with the back three as he was unsure, and they were not secure in defense.

Arsenal should do this now, because their back four are not strong enough for them to maintain a clean sheet enough to make any kind of difference.

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