Boston’s startup scene is much more than just setting new records It has been a scorching year!

Northeast startup founders can say goodbye to Series A gaps and valuation discounts.

The global startup community is currently enjoying a period of fundraising success that may be unprecedented in the history of technology and venture capital. This is occurring all over the globe, but Boston is the hub for this surge in capital attraction.

Although Boston is well-known as a major U.S. venture capital center, it has been lagging behind New York City and Silicon Valley in recent years. Data shows that Boston has seen record levels of startup fundraising activity this year, with records being funneled into its upstart tech companies.

Local investors believe there is potential for acceleration of capital disbursement.

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The Exchange sought to understand the driving forces behind Boston’s fast-paced results and determine if any need for caution. Are the markets overheated or not? Local investors Rob Go, Jamie Goldstein of Pillar VC and Lily Lyman, from NextView, said that things are more than hot. However, Boston’s accelerating venture capital numbers in 2021 is not based upon FOMO or any other possibly ephemeral trends.

Boston, on the other hand, is enjoying larger structural changes that at least affect the U.S. venture market. This helps close gaps in the startup capital market and allows for access to funds previously unavailable. The city is also benefiting from the increased density of local universities, which has helped it form new businesses during an era of high investment access.

Let’s start with data and hear what the investment crew has to say about Beantown.

Record year

Venture capital data is often slow. Rounds are announced after the close of business. This means that the most recent data may be less reliable than previous ones. We can only say that Boston’s 2021 has been amazing, even if it includes normal venture capital delays.

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