Chris Evans, Virgin Radio’s co-star and host, bids goodbye Steps down “She has left us”

Chris Evans shared a goodbye to one of his Virgin Radio Breakfast co-stars yesterday. Broadcaster Amelia Cox, who was the presenter on Virgin Radio Breakfast, had “gone away to do other things.”

Chris spent nine years at the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show and moved to Virgin Radio in 2002.

Regular listeners will be familiar with Chris’ morning show, which he hosts along Vassos Alexandr and Rachel Horne.

Amelia, Rachel’s mother, is usually there to join him on Mondays.

The beloved radio host was surprised when she introduced her replacement Monday morning.

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Sophia, Sophia’s replacement, has been working on TalkSport and Times Radio as well as TalkRadio.

Chris is taking time off from his morning program to spend with family and friends.

Recently, the presenter was on a two-week vacation during which he was replaced with stand-in hosts.

Gaby Roslin, Kaiser Chiefs’ star Ricky Wilson were among them. They joked about him being dethroned.

Gabby started on the August 9th show with “Gaby & Ricky in for Chris today.”

Ricky said “Good Morning,” before asking: “You aren’t trying to dethrone Chris yet?”

“Not at all. It’s impossible. Gabby responded, “I love that man.”

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