Console wipe-off and upgrade: What’s the next console server? wipe day?


Console wipe-off and upgrade: What's the next console server?
wipe day?

Rust is a huge part of Rust’s experience. Server wipes don’t have to be difficult for people who play on Xbox One and PS4.

Although they may not have the same games as PCs, Rust console editions still follow a similar schedule.

For those who are keeping up with the official plan: A new Rust console Edition server wipe will be happening this week.

You can play the Rust console edition on all PS4 and Xbox One consoles. However, there are no next-gen upgrades.

All console gamers, regardless of their hardware, can get the latest version from both the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store. The week’s end is the most important time in the gaming calendar.

This week’s Rust console edition monthly wiping day will be held. It won’t take long for everything to get scrubbed.

The core Rust Console edition servers follow the exact same monthly wipe schedule. It will take place on the fourth Thursday of each month at 11am PST/2pm EDT/7pm BST.

This applies regardless of the server location and/or time zone. It is important to note that all Rust server will be restored to their original state after a server wiping occurs.

All buildings and other items on the map will now be removed and all people will need to begin new projects.

The Rust team added that they understand players’ desire to join newly wiped servers immediately so want to provide a consistent and simple pattern for everyone.

To maintain the timeline and future cadence, core Rust server additions to increase capacity will be wiped during the initial month.

A short downtime is possible when a wipe occurs, but this is an excellent time to do maintenance.

We want to minimize this delay, so for the moment, we expect to wait at least 20 minutes until the next wipe. However, you can message us in-game via various channels to be notified when the “wipepocalypse”, will occur.

According to what we have seen so far, the next Rust console wipe will take place on Thursday, 28 August. Previous wipes started at 7 PM BST.

The Rust Support Team added: “Hands up – Next Wipe (August 26th), will be a BP wiping for all servers.

We will be releasing more details in the next Dev Blog, but we wanted to make this announcement to all of you. Everyone, have a wonderful weekend.”

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