Corporate offices could have cubicles again

Many companies’ work practices have been completely transformed by 2020.

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What date will it be that we return fully to work? What about hybrid formats? How secure are companies? 2020 has changed how many businesses work.

Although open-plan offices have been the prevailing format in recent years, it may be changing due to COVID-19’s demands. Many organizations may be considering returning to the original cubicle design, as it was in use during the 1980s and 90s. To protect workers, this is a good idea.

According to the Adecco Group , specialists in human resources, regardless of whether the return to the offices is total or partial as proposed by the hybrid or coworking format and the “hot desks”, the truth is that companies must observe the rules security for employees as indicated in NOM-019, NOM-030 and NOM-035 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. Closed or nearly closed workplaces offer better safety for employees’ health.

Most likely, organizations will need to consider physical separations like partitions or cubicles. The most beneficial positions could also be the ones with greater responsibility, since the individual is likely to be assigned personal offices. However, some managerial positions have the privilege.

Companies must make their workforce the top priority. Without it, they would be unable to operate. Adecco Mexico CEO Francisco Domene Martinez explains that any initiative to improve their health must be considered, evaluated, and studied.

Interaction is important

Because we are naturally social creatures, human beings need to be able to interact with other humans, whether in public or private settings. It will come, in one way or another. Important to remember that interaction strengthens our sense of belonging and increases our professional commitment. Employees need a place they can live and meet together.

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