Cyberpunk 2077: Cyberpunk Online: Do not get rid of it just yet

Cyberpunk 2077 creator CD Projekt is working on new content.

When Cyberpunk launched last year, it was plagued with performance and bugs. Multiple updates later and Cyberpunk is now living up to the promise it made when it launched late last year.

According to the latest update files, CD Projekt actually has something in the works for an open-world action title.

Tyler McVicker posted a YouTube video suggesting that Cyberpunk 2077 could see multiplayer.

Cyberpunk’s first announcement of Multiplayer included it, however the plan was cancelled near launch.

McVicker claims that files in the most recent update indicate that CD Projekt works on multiplayer content.

CD Projekt also works on Cyberpunk 2077 expansions.

It was always in the plans, and it is nice to see CD Projekt still backing the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 DLC was just updated with a variety of new content.

The free DLC is available from the main menu under Additional Content. It includes Johnny Silverhand’s alternative appearance.

The Multilayered Syn-Leather Deltajock Jacket (with Luminescent Punk Jacket) and the Archer Quartz “Bandit Vehicle are also available to fans.

After completing Ghost Town, you will receive a message from Dakota and Rogue.

If you still have not received the message from Dakota, please make arrangements to move farther away from his workshop in Badlands. Dakota may also require a few days to reach you.

Cyberpunk 2077 can be described as an action-adventure, open-world game that takes place in futuristic Night City.

The official description states that you will play V as a mercenary outlaw who seeks a unique implant which can unlock immortality.

You can customize your characters’ cyberware, playstyle and skills, as well as explore an enormous city, where the choices that you make will shape the story and affect the world.

The description implies that different gamers will experience an entirely different gaming experience depending on how they approach gameplay.

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