Daily Crunch: Internet watchdog Citizen Lab claims iPhone Apple security measures evaded by spyware

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Daily Crunch, August 24, 2021 – Hello! We have much to cover today’s news cycle, which was especially dense. You should be especially interested in the most recent news from Spotify and Waymo, as well as other major tech companies.

But, Disrupt, which is just a month away, will be featuring the two Salesforce heirs apparent, Stewart Butterfield, and Bret Taylor. Don’t be afraid to get hyped — Alex

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Airbnb to house 20,000 Afghan refugees:At best, corporate gimmicks can be hollow gestures. Airbnb promises the exact opposite. The company uses its network to provide housing for thousands of Afghan refugees. What are other wealthy tech companies doing?
  • Ramp raises $300M at $3.9B valuation:Ramp’s new funding has intensified the startup battle for control of the expanding corporate spending market. After Divvy, an ex-competitor, was sold to Bill.com, Brex and Ramp are now locked in a multiparty duel. Ramp announced its first acquisition.
  • For more on the Ramp-Brex rivalry, and what their acquisitions may detail about their diverging strategies, head here.
  • Boom times in Beantown:While the global startup scene is growing, Boston has been the most active market to do so. This venerable hub for startups is raising record amounts of venture capital across more rounds than ever before. Local investors aren’t worried about the pace of this momentum.


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Start in India

  • Bankers hunt Byju’s:That’s the IPO. Our ownManish SinghBankers pitch the famous edtech startup in an attempt to get a share of future IPOs. The numbers are staggering: While most banks offer Byju’s valuation of between $40 billion and $45 billion for their proposal, Morgan Stanley has proposed a valuation of $50 billion if Byju lists next year,” he wrote.
  • Khatabook raises $100M more:The business that digitizes India’s many SMBs, Khatabook, is now valued at $600 million. New Series C funding will power the company’s 10 million monthly active users and help to expand its 200-person staff.

Natasha Mascarenhas, our writer today, published an article about NoRedInk’s $50 million Series B. This will help us get into more startup rounds. The goal of the article is to improve writing skills for students. When I inquired why she chose the round she wanted to cover, she replied that the following:

Most often, I find edtech companies working in subjects with one correct answer or can at most be classified into one category, like STEM and coding. NoRedInk caught me attention because it aims to take tech to writing, which is a subjective and emotional subject. It’s an enormous challenge but it’s refreshing to see educators invest in ambitious projects other than teaching students how to code.

We have next a few bulletins for startups:

  • Substack purchases Cocoon’s team:Substack has had a great week. The startup hired a general counsel and announced it had acquired Cocoon’s team. TechCrunch called Cocoon a “subscription social network app designed for close friends”.
  • Perhaps 3D printed homes are a possibility?Investors believe they will, investing $207 million in ICON following its 400% revenue growth. Realistically, there is a nationwide housing crisis. This will lead to more affordable homes. It’s difficult to resist.
  • Sora raises $14M for HR ops automation:After increasing its customer base by 7x, and its revenues by 8x in the 2020 seed round, Sora returns this year with an additional capital raise. The startup now has Series A cash and big plans for growth. They also plan to double their efforts in making the HR tech stack more efficient, cutting down on busywork.
  • In a somewhat related field,Tango has announced it raised $5.7 Million to expand its process documentation services.The startup. Startups observe how their employees perform a task and create a guide to help others. It could prove to be an excellent service for new employees in remote areas.
  • From startupland: Sara Mauskopf, co-founder and CEO of Winnie and Elana Berkowitz, founding partner at Springbank Collective.wrote an essay for TechCrunchIt is important to note that although a large industry, childcare has been left behind in venture capital.

Rewind to the suture. The home is the future of healthcare.

Doctors used to make house visits to patients with serious illnesses. In fact, in 1930, it was 40% of all home consultations. In 1980, this figure had fallen to less than 1 percent.

Today’s urgent care center occupies Main Street shopfronts, while 33% of all medical expenses are made in hospitals. According to Sumi Das, Nina Gerson and Capital G’s healthcare investment team, this results in higher prices but not necessarily more effective outcomes.

“We can improve both outcomes and costs by moving care from the hospital back to the place it started — at home,” they write in a post that explores five innovations enabling at-home care and identifies investment opportunities like acute care and infrastructure development.

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Big Tech Inc.

Ron Miller, our Big Tech reporter, gives us a fascinating look at how Cisco acquires companies. This dotcom boom firm is one of the most acquisitive in the world. Its approach to securing startup talent and products makes it worth knowing.

Now, it’s all about the Big Tech news.

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