Destiny 2 Crossplay Release Date LIVE With Bungie Name Change System

The latest Destiny 2 update has brought new content, features and crossplay to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

While some parts of the game are limited to PC vs. PC and console vs. console, Bungie added many ways that gamers can connect across different platforms.

Destiny 2 Season 15 will be the first show to fully support cross-play. Guardians must begin the process by selecting their Bungie Name.

Players will be able to log in when they first play Season of the Lost. The name that was logged in from the platform where they are logged in becomes their Bungie Name, which is used for Cross Play.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Bungie Name System:

Players will be able to log in using the display name from the first platform they use to start Destiny 2 at 10 am PDT (August 24, 2021). This will then become their Bungie Name.

Non-standard characters and symbols, as well as Platform ID numbers will all be removed.

Names that violate our Code of Conduct will be removed and changed to “Guardian”.

Steam users: Your Steam profile name (not your Steam account) will be your Bungie name.

Names can have up to 26 characters. Cyrillic characters support each Destiny 2 language.

These languages include Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.


The development team has confirmed that Guardians who use the Destiny 2 Bungie name change are not allowed to alter their names.

You will not be able to change your name until the next update. If you are having problems today, you’ll need to wait.

As the system is still in development, it’s not clear how it will operate. This could mean that multiple names can be changed may incur additional charges.

Another thing you should note is the fact that Destiny 2 Crossplay has some restrictions.

This applies to competitive modes that keep Guardians together in one player pool, unless they’re in a mixed Fireteam.

If you join PvP alone, then you can either stay with other PC or console players. This eliminates the problem of keyboard vis controller.

If you sign up for a Fireteam that has a PC player, your matchmaking will include other PC players.

You can find more information about the Friends system, as well as other crossplay features in the patch notes.


  • Bungie Name

    • Bungie Name is now the platform name. On login, the player’s Bungie Name, which will be based on their first log in on that system, will be created.

    • The player nameplate tooltip displays the platform name of a player.

  • Bungie Friends

  • Blocs

    • You can block other players from interacting within Destiny 2 by taking an action

    • Destiny 2 blocks only in-game communication by blocking.

    • For additional information, please use the Bungie Help article or the popup.

  • Roster

  • Player Details Screen

  • Filter by platform screen

  • Invitation Management Screen

    • To view the Roster’s incoming Fireteam invitations and Bungie Friend requests as well as Clan invites, a dedicated tab was added.

  • Screening Social Preferences

    • To allow you to set up multiple options regarding who can join you Fireteam or to send you Fireteam invitations or Bungie Friend requests, a dedicated tab was added to your Roster.

  • Friends Search

    • An additional section was added to the screen of invite management for friend search.

    • Now players can search for friends using their Bungie Name ID.

    • Interact displays friendly players’ complete Bungie Names and platforms in the waypoints they create.

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