Expert tips for maintaining car value at used car prices Surge – It’s a ‘worth it investment’

It is important to consider the conditions of your car at the time it was purchased. This can affect the price a buyer will get when they sell or trade in the vehicle. Due to the pandemic, secondhand car prices have soared amid shortages of older models.

Maintain a high level of repair and maintenance

Maintaining the vehicle’s value by regularly waxing and polishing its bodywork can be a way to preserve it.

You should wax twice per year to protect your paintwork.

You can pick up small scratches and scuff marks easily while driving, but they can also be fixed by doing DIY repairs. Wheel trims need to be cleaned in order to remove brake dust and dirt buildup and keep your car in top condition.

Avoid customisation

Drivers who are eager to personalize a car with extra elements should be careful as it can decrease its value.

To avoid discouraging potential buyers, keep features and details the same as in the original vehicle.

While personalised accessories may reflect the individual style of the driver, they can also be a distraction for others.

Pay attention to mileage

When shopping for a car, the most important factor is the mileage. Comparing the mileage to the vehicle’s age is an excellent indicator of its overall value.

Because of the possibility that it will experience faults and problems, cars with more than 100,000 miles can be considered dangerous to buy.

This is why it’s a smart idea to keep your mileage low. For longer trips, you can use trains or buses instead to save miles.

Privately sell the vehicle

When it comes time to sell a vehicle, drivers may decide it is worth selling the car themselves instead of going through a dealer.

The middle man is eliminated so that motorists can sell their car for market value without paying dealer fees.

Drivers are able to sell directly as long they have the logbook, updated documentation, and a full service history.

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