Facebook will now allow Messenger to make video and voice calls via main App


Facebook will now allow Messenger to make video and voice calls via main

Do you remember when Facebook created Messenger in 2014? No one understood the reason. Facebook didn’t know what it wanted to accomplish, according to this report.

According to Bloomberg, Facebook is now bringing some key Messenger features — namely, voice and video calls — to the Facebook main app.

Chats and calls used to be part of Facebook Messenger, which at the time was an integral component of Facebook’s main application. To access the features, Messenger users needed to install a new app in 2014.

The feature is being tested in U.S. markets and elsewhere. Connor Hayes is Messenger’s director of product management. He explained to Bloomberg that the goal was to make it easier to switch between Messenger and Facebook apps.

These Messenger features aren’t the only ones Facebook will bring back to its main application. Bloomberg reports that Facebook began testing Messenger’s limited inbox version in its main Facebook app. The company also started merging Messenger with Instagram’s direct messages back in September 2020.

Hayes claims that Facebook has begun to consider Messenger as an app, and not a separate application. Hayes said that Messenger might be integrated into more Facebook products over time.

Facebook could also be looking for a way to tie all its products together more tightly. The Federal Trade Commission claimed that Facebook was a monopoly in December 2020 and demanded that the company be dismantled and Instagram and WhatsApp reestablished as independent companies. The complaint was dismissed in June 2021, but there’s a chance that the FTC can make the same case again in the future.

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