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Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services we believe you will find useful and interesting. Entrepreneur might receive a portion of any revenue from sales made by our partners if you buy them.

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Entrepreneurs loveTechThey love tech. They love technology that helps them in their daily lives. We’ve collected some of today’s most innovative tech products. For a limited period, if you spend $50 or more in-store you will receive a $10 credit for your next purchase. This applies only if your order total is $50 and you have not returned any items. These are some of our best offers.

AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Charger


You don’t need a bulky power bank to keep your iPhone charged throughout the day. The 1,300mAh capacity battery of this keychain charger can charge your iPhone almost entirely from just 0 percent. This keychain charger will always provide emergency power when you are in need.

Get the AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Charger for $34.99 (reg. You save 30% on your purchase of $49.

Slide Fitness Smart Watch

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You can get more from your workouts without spending a lot on a smartwatch. The budget-friendly smartwatch features seven functions including SMS and phone alerts, activity monitoring, heart rate monitoring and more. You’ll be reminded to drink water even if you’re not thirsty for some time.

Get the Slide Fitness Smart Watch for $39.99 (reg. Save 60% on your purchase of the Slide Fitness Smart Watch for only $39.99

Coby(r), True Wireless Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds


Wireless earbuds are convenient and affordable. Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures a strong connection, no matter where you are. You can also answer phone calls or activate Siri and Google Assistant using your voice.

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Get the Coby(r) True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds for $39.99 (reg. Save 50% on your purchase of $79.

True Wireless Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds and Charging Case


These earbuds are great for exercisers as well as commuters, thanks to their included case. You can pair them with any device to get wireless music playing in no time.

Get the True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds + Charging Case for $39.99 (reg. Save 50% on your purchase of $79.

Go-Toughh Power Bank and LED Flashlight

Get tough

The high capacity power bank’s versatility makes it ideal for outdoor entrepreneurs. This power bank is built to withstand extreme temperatures and rain as well as vibrations. It can charge both a smartphone and a battery simultaneously for over 600 charges. It even includes an LED flashlight, SOS blinker and SOS alarm flasher for emergency situations.

Get the GO-TOUGH Power Bank with LED Flashlight for $39.99 (reg. Save 20% on your purchase of $49.

AirPods Holder with Chargeworx 10,000mah Battery Bank

Fesco Group

Are you going to be out long? The Chargeworx will ensure that all your devices are powered up with portable power. The massive 10,000mAh battery provides up to 75 hours extra power for smartphones and USB-powered devices. This battery can even charge your Apple AirPods.

Get the Chargeworx 10,000mah Power Bank with AirPods Holder for $44.99 (reg. Save 10% on your purchase of $49.

FirstHealth(tm), Full Room UV-C Sterilizing Lamp With Motion Sensor

First Health

Are you taking more care with cleanliness? Smart. You’re smart. But regular cleaning is only so effective. The company claims that the sterilizing lamp utilizes UV-C light to provide additional disinfecting power, killing 99.9% of germs and viruses using a 360o motion sensor-powered sterilization process.

Get the FirstHealth(tm) Full Room UV-C Sterilizing Lamp with Motion Sensor for $79.99 (reg. You save 20% on this item!

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