Hackers embarrass guards at an Iranian infamous prison

Hackers embarrass guards at an Iranian infamous prison Prison

Hackers embarrass guards at an Iranian infamous prison

This is one to add to your history book.

According to Radio Free Europe and the Associated Press, hackers have obtained footage uncensored from Tehran’s notorious Iranian Evin Prison. Some of these videos appear to have been taken from prison surveillance systems. They show prisoners being beaten and living in squalid conditions. The hackers also captured the moment that the facility’s computers were seized by officials who could not help but watch.

The Justice of Ali is the group behind the hack. They shared the videos with Radio Free Europe and the AP. The hackers claimed that hundreds of gigabytes had been obtained.

Iranian officials confirmed on Twitter that the stolen footage is real.

The stolen video captures the moment when one after another of the prison computers goes offline. After that, a message by hackers replaces them.

“Cyber attack,” cybersecurity journalist Kim Zetter reports the message as reading in Farsi. “Evin” is an indignity on President Ibrahim Raisi’s black turban, white beard and Iranian flag. The nationwide protest will continue until release political prisoners.

Unofficial prison guard appears to be filming the hacking system while another observes — it seems that both are at complete loss.

While it’s not clear exactly how, specifically, the footage was obtained, Zetter explains that “Iranian systems often use bootleg or out-of-date software, due to sanctions that make it difficult to keep systems up to date.”

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The hackers also claim that this is only the start of their work. Radio Free Europe reported that they said, “We will continue to uncover the oppression.”

And, if the small amount of published video is any indication, there’s a lot of oppression to expose. The Evin prison has been described by former inmates as “the most brutal prison in the world.” Even before this footage was released, Evin was long known as a site where political dissidents were allegedly tortured.

“We want the world to hear our voice for freedom of all political prisoners,” the hackers told the AP.

That voice won’t be ignored after such an outrageous (and embarrassing for Iranian officials) hack.

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