Lorraine Kelly quit BBC following being told that she would ‘never again make it’ It’s on TV because of the ‘horrible boss’

Lorraine Kelly, 61, fronts her own successful daytime show on ITV and has been a key member of the broadcaster’s presenting team since she joined TV-am as Scotland Correspondent in 1984. The star revealed that her career might have gone in a completely different direction after she was told by her BBC boss that she would “never make the cut” as a TV presenter.

Lorraine said that she was undervalued by BBC Scotland’s head because of her Glaswegian accent.

Lorraine, along with her 26-year-old daughter Rosie, shared this insight during a Kate Thornton White Wine Question Time interview.

Kate, host, asked, “What’s your sliding doors? Fork in the road. What if moments?”

“Just one instant that was pivotal in changing everything”

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Rosie asked Rosie: “I’m sure what yours looks like mum. Yours would look just like the man who told you that you wouldn’t be on television!”

Lorraine agreed with Lorraine: “That was before your birth!”

“That was in BBC Scotland when I was working there, and they said that I wouldn’t make the cut because of my accent. I have a Glasgow accent.

He said that it was “the best thing that he could do” because the following day there was a position at TV-am in Scotland as a reporter. I wouldn’t have the guts to apply.

“But it was such an enormous organisation, so I went to a spot where I was alone.

So I was doing it back in the eighties when there wasn’t much for women to do.

“And it was me, the political correspondent. It’s just me!”

Lorraine also shared another surprising revelation regarding her career. She said she was grateful that she had lost her ITV job GMTV position after becoming pregnant with Rosie.

According to the ITV actress, she felt worried at being a single mother and was eventually able to get her own show.

Lorraine worked alongside Eamonn on GMTV as a presenter before going on maternity leave.

She said, “They told us not to return.” They said, “Thanks very much” and “cheerio”, because they had another person.

They had Anthea- Anthea Turner, which they brought with them to the present.

It was frightening at the time. Because I was a tiny mother, it was terrifying. It was hard to know what would happen.

After Rosie’s birth, Lorraine saw a turn of fortune.

Lorraine said, “And fortunately it was a mother and baby company – I believe it was Cow & Gate – they wanted to do a slot for mums and babies, but they wouldn’t let me do it unless they saw it as a success, so they gave me my own show.”

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