Paul McCartney: Found in notebook, Forgotten Beatles lyrics

The original Tell Me Who He is was not recorded. It was only when Sir Paul (79) began to search his extensive archive in order to create a new book. The words can be scanned to find signs of Paul’s songwriting talent that led him to write The Beatles’ greatest hits with John Lennon. Bob Spitz, a Beatles biographer said that “discovering a Beatles song is like finding the Cleopatra sarcophagus on an archaeological dig.”

Paul and John had notebooks full of lyrics that were half-finished, sometimes even complete songs. The songs came so quickly and furiously in those early years that many were forgotten or left behind.

One can only imagine the number of Beatles-worthy songs that were sent to the trash. For any hint to the amazing past .”

This song will appear in Sir Paul’s The Lyrics, a book that focuses on 154 songs. It also includes handwritten lyrics sheets and unseen photos.

Inset: Sir Paul adds some insights to them. His comments were: “I am aware that many people like to keep a journal to remember the events of the day, but I don’t have such a notebook.” My songs are hundreds, and they serve the exact same purpose. These songs have spanned my whole life .”

November 2nd is the release of The PS75 Book.

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