Real Madrid welcomes Kylian Mobappe, PSG’s Kylian Mabappe: The latest updates transfer saga

Multiple reports claim that Real Madrid has made an offer to purchase Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain’s, with just days left in the European summer transfer window.

Real Madrid has offered $188 million in transfer fees. However, there is conflicting information about whether PSG rejected it.

What club would reject $188 millions for any player? After acquiring Lionel Messi, a prize-free agent who will form an attacking trident that includes Neymar (and Mbappe), the French club wants to win the UEFA Champions League. Mbappe’s departure would be devastating for those hopes, but PSG could always replace him, however difficult it might be.

Real Madrid’s ability to pay $188 million in transfer fees is not surprising considering the fact that millions of revenues lost during last season’s pandemic caused the club’s finances to be irreparably damaged. Reports in Spain suggest that more responsible budget management in recent years has put the Spanish club in position to make the potential season-changing acquisition.

Real Madrid: Is Mbappe a possibility?

Mbappe, who is currently in his final year with PSG, has declined renewals of his contract. His dream was to join the storied Spanish team Real Madrid.

PSG can refuse to transfer Mbappe in this season’s league, but then the club could allow him to walk free after his contract ends next summer. PSG could cash in on Mbappe now to help reload. Rumours have it that the French club is connected with Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently in his last year with Juventus.

It seems that Juventus is facing cash flow problems due to the pandemic and would not mind selling Ronaldo. In his three seasons, he hasn’t delivered the UEFA Champions League for Juventus. At 36, it is unclear if he will be able to help the Italian titan get over his humiliating knockout round eliminations.

PSG would have a huge advantage if Neymar, Messi, and Ronaldo were to join the same team. They are three of the most recognizable players in soccer and they will be highly sought after for their commercial and international success. The impact on the field will be determined.

Regardless, this tweet from a member of the Qatari royal family gives some credence to that scenario, given he is the same person who revealed Lionel Messi signing with PSG before anyone else had the news.

Does it say yes from PSG or no?

On Tuesday, reports came fast from France and Spain. Some claimed that PSG rejected the offer.

According to Paris reports, however, PSG is yet to respond.

One Spanish outlet, which has been at forefront of this transfer scandal claims that top French outlet RMC Sports published and later retracted a false PSG rejection.

What happens if the deal is canceled?

Mbappe will finish the last year of his contract at PSG if there’s no deal for a transfer. Mbappe would like to end it with a UEFA Champions League win that would raise his profile in the world, before he moves to Real Madrid in 2022.

The rules allow any player to sign a new contract with a club within the last six months of an expired contract. Mbappe could be stuck with PSG and sign a deal with Real Madrid by January 2022, before formalizing his move six months later.

Real Madrid may be able to use its cash saved from Mbappe’s transfer to target another star for partnership. One such potential target is Erling Haaland, a Borussia Dortmund forward.

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