Shirley Ballas warned Strictly Cast to refrain from commenting on Shirley Ballas appearance “It’s unpleasant”

Shirley Ballas, 60, is known for her glamorous appearance as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, but the ballroom star admits her confident on-screen persona could not be more removed from her behind the scenes, as she opened up on her insecurities. She shared with her fellow contestants on BBC Dance Contest that she feels uncomfortable about herself.

Shirley opened up about her problems with appearance and said that she was not comfortable. Everyone knows better than to comment. It’s not their job to make comments, but mine is.

She said, “I love to be the best at my job. I like staying focused.

Shirley recalls as a child being made rude comments by a parent in her school. These remarks have stayed with Shirley forever.

The ballroom legend continued on Kate Thornton’s White Wine Question Time podcast. She said, “I don’t know what it’s in me actually. I believe it comes from being a very young child. You know, at school. Other parents.

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One parent said to me when I was a boy-partner, “You’ve got spots, it’ll leave pockmarks all around you,” and that’s what you won’t forget.”

Shirley had discussed the possibility of going under the knife last October in an attempt to rejuvenate her appearance.

She admitted that she sometimes questions the reflection of herself in mirrors, despite looking perfect on TV.

Shirley acknowledged that she had used Botox once in her past and said she was willing to undergo more severe surgery to improve her appearance.

Before the series 18 premiere of long-running BBC dance program, the BBC’s star spoke out about how she looks.

Shirley spoke to The Sun and said that if she needed a lift, or because it makes her feel better about herself, then yes.

It’s fine for 25-year olds to ask, “Oh, what did you do?” But once you’re 60, laser-lifting and peeling can be a great option.

Robin (60 in the US) just underwent this acid facial and her skin is glowing.”

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Shirley spoke out about her previous experience with cosmetic procedures.

The star admitted she might consider a “mini-facelift” and went on to say that when she discovered new lines, bumps and lumps in her body, she was left wondering “Where did it come from?”

Also, she complained of parts her body being “sagging”, and also noted wrinkles in her neck and hands.

Shirley was a performer dancer from the age of seven and participated in many dance competitions up until 1996.

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