T-Mobile 5G will be leaving Verizon and AT&T behind. Study finds

T-Mobile customers are facing a confusing time. On one hand, your data might be severely compromised. You might be enjoying greater 5G coverage than others.

PCMag’s latest Fastest Mobile Networks Study revealed that T-Mobile is the undisputed “un-carrier”, declaring them the winner for the first time in the more than 10 years since their inception.

T-Mobile scored network speeds wins in 24 urban and rural locations, as opposed to only eight for AT&T or two for Verizon. This is largely because of T-Mobile’s absorption of Sprint in a merger last year, which the carrier maintained throughout the merger process would result in a better 5G network because it would really be two networks in one. This corporate boast was a bit too optimistic. T-Mobile’s 5G network delivered download speeds of 150 to 500 Mbps in some areas. It is also faster than 4G and, in some cases, faster than AT&T and Verizon 5G.

Verizon is technically the fastest, reaching speeds of over 2Gbps at certain locations. PCMag tested speeds similar to those found in the test, but they were not widespread enough. Rural areas are where AT&T has some 5G advantages. PCMag found that four out of six areas tested by the company had higher 5G rates than those from T-Mobile in rural regions.

It appears T-Mobile’s plans to buy one of its major rivals was successful in delivering the most 5G service to customers. Perhaps it could buy another company with a good record in data security.

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