The new album by Pentakill, a League of Legends group, is out next

The new album by Pentakill, a League of Legends group, is out next Month

The new album by Pentakill, a League of Legends group, is out next

Pentakill, a League of Legends group is quickly approaching its return. After four years away, the rock group – made up of League of Legends champions Karthus, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Sona, and Yorick – is making a comeback in September with its third album Lost Chapter, which Riot Games’ music label has just unveiled on Twitter.

The reveal tweet (below) announces that “Legends” have returned. It also gives the release date for the Pentakill album as September 8, which is just two weeks away. There’s not much else, aside from the new album artwork that is suitable for metal. However, some remarks made by Riot Games’ creative director Christian ‘Praeco’ Linke last summer could provide some clues. In March last year, Linke confirmed that a new Pentakill album coming up would feature original music – “at least a handful, up to ten or so”.

The dev also gave us an idea of the flavour of the music, saying at the time that he thought the studio would want to “make sure we capture the essence of Pentakill and keep things melodic and accessible” and with “strong melodies is always at the core”, as well as “add something new to it”.

He also stated that “on the next one we would probably try to add some other talent to the group”, which means it is possible to see at least one more champion join Pentakill for the album. Many fans suggest that the album’s artwork bears a striking resemblance with Viego’s crown. This could mean Pentakill might see the Ruined Kings join their ranks – although this is not confirmed.

Riot Games Music’s Twitter banner has also been updated with some new artwork, which appears to show the line-up in some new styles. It is not clear if this could be a hint that new skins are in store for Riot Games Music, but it is possible considering new skins have been introduced for LoL bands’ albums. For example, K/DA got some shiny new All/Out skins last year to mark the band’s new album, and the arrival of newcomer, Seraphine. This is all guesswork at the moment.

Pentakill’s Lost Chapter album drops September 8. If you’re keen to see what’s headed to League of Legends itself before then, though, be sure to check out our League of Legends patch 11.17 notes and keep a weather eye out for the 11.18 notes on our site, which we’ll post when the new update comes to the game’s public testing servers.

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