The UK will soon get a new EU driving law.
An end to the speeding fines

The UK will soon get a new EU driving law. An end to the speeding fines

The UK will soon get a new EU driving law.
An end to the speeding fines experts say that speeding fines will be eliminated when speed limiter technology becomes available. Intelligent Speed Assistance system, or ISA for short, will stop drivers from exceeding legal speed limits frequently. This reduces the chance of them being stopped.

Some companies have launched their own version of the EU speed limiter tool before the rule changes in 2022.

Ford promoted the benefits to the new ISA tool, advertising that it helps drivers avoid speeding tickets and driving bans.

Customers who buy a Ford model should have the Intelligent Speed Limiter system.

Stefan Kappes is an active safety supervisor at Ford Europe. He previously stated that the new tool will “remove one stress of driving”.

He said, “Drivers don’t always realize they are speeding. Sometimes they only become aware of their speed when the flash of the camera is visible. They receive a mail fine or are pulled over and cited by the law enforcement.”

It is possible that the UK will, despite its withdrawal from the EU, adopt these new rules. However it has not been confirmed.

Many EU driving regulations have been already transferred because manufacturers want a uniform set of rules for their production processes.

SEAT predicts that drivers will save as much as PS327million on speeding if the tool is used widely.

After data showed that 10 percent of motorists were caught speeding, the analysis is now complete.

With 37 million drivers on UK riads, each driver will have to pay approximately PS100 for a speeding ticket.

SEAT surveyed 40 percent of drivers and found that they want new tools to detect road signs on their vehicles.

Richard Harrison, SEAT UK’s Managing Director said that the new tools will “make drivers more safe on the roads”.

He stated, “It is certainly eye-opening that large numbers of motorists don’t always know their speed.”

“But thankfully, there’s in-car technology – like our Dynamic Road Sign display – that can make drivers more safe on the roads.”

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