Warzone Update 1.41: Loadout Changes Revealed in New Call of Duty Patch Notes

Gamers downloading and playing the latest Call of Duty Warzone update will find a serious tweak made to Season 5.

Raven Software kept players informed of a notable change to Call of Duty’s patch notes, even though they are almost absent from the latest release.

Fans are still having trouble finding a comprehensive list of the latest bug fixes, but the Warzone team confirmed that loadout editing will be back.

For those that have played for some time, the Pre-Match in Warzone does not provide much of a warm up.

These usually only last for a short time and then drop you in a section of the map that has a random layout.

There was however a time when gamers could use the warm-up to tweak their Warzone loadouts.

We do not have an extensive list of patches to look through today’s Warzone 1.41 Update, but we have confirmation that the option is back.

Raven Software shared the following information on Twitter: “As some have noticed, #Warzone prematch lobby, Plunder and #ModernWarfare multiplayer has been enabled for mid-match Loadout Editing.”

This patch, as mentioned above, also brings back the features of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

It is very small, and will take less than one GB to download the patch and then install it on most platforms.

It’s possible that additional tweaks or changes were made as part of today’s update. However, we will not know until Activision releases patch notes or the gamers themselves discover them.

For gamers who are just beginning their Warzone adventure, this is how to loadout drop and use it in Battle Royale.

Loadout Drop Markers can be used to call Loadout Drops. For a small amount of cash, these can be bought at any Buy Station. Loadout Drops are available during matches. One is in the early-game and the other one at the end.

Loadout Drops come with pomp and circumstance when they arrive. Other players may be able see the smoke from the helicopter dropping in the package. This can make the immediate area dangerous. You might want to plan ahead so you don’t miss out on any Loadout Drops.

Once you have arrived at a Loadout Drop, regardless of who requested it, you will be able to interact with the Loadout Drop and choose from your personal Loadouts or some Default options. Once you have chosen a Loadout your weapons and equipment will be placed in front of it. This allows you, or one of your Squad-mates, to grab them like regular loot. You will be automatically equipped with your Loadout.

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