Windows 10 Warning: Do not allow anyone to touch your computer until you are absolutely sure. This critical bug has been fixed

There’s another new Windows 10 alert to watch out for and until it’s fixed you might want to make sure nobody goes near your PC. Hackers can gain complete control over a computer by simply plugging in an accessory such as a Razer mouse. Razer is a well-known hardware company, with their bold peripherals proving to be a hit with gamers.

Jonhat, a researcher who discovered the shock bug after noticing that it was very easy to gain the most advanced permissions when you first plug in your Razer device. Windows 10 will automatically start the Razer Synapse software when a mouse plugs into its USB port.

It is intended to allow access for a brief period while the system installs. However, jonhat discovered that switching things was easy and gave everyone with the necessary knowledge full access.

This flaw can be exploited by anyone who is able to modify settings, passwords or even download malware.

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Jonhat posted his findings on Twitter: “Need local admin, and have physical accessibility?

Connect a Razer mouse or the dongle to your computer.

Windows Update will install and run RazerInstaller in SYSTEM mode.

Use elevated Explorer to open Powershell using Shift+Right Click

To help back up the claims, the team at Bleeping Computer tried the hack and confirmed that they were able to access full permissions within a matter of minutes.

Razer was quick to reply after his research were posted online. The firm is now working on a solution.

Speaking to TechRadar Pro a spokesperson said: “We were made aware of a situation in which our software, in a very specific use case, provides a user with broader access to their machine during the installation process.

We have been investigating the problem and are making modifications to the application in order to reduce this use case. A new version will be released shortly.

It is quite scary to think that someone could gain full system privileges just by plugging in their mouse.

This is not an attack remotely and hackers will require physical access to the computer to launch the attack.

As long as your laptop is not left on the bus, you’ll be okay.

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