Xbox One Black Screen: Gamers can use Factory Reset following Reports on black screens

The Xbox One black screen error is causing major issues for gamers this week trying to use their console.

Gamers report that their Xbox One console has a black screen after the latest update. The screen is only broken by the profile sign-in message.

Problem is, the Black Screen on Xbox One consoles cannot be removed by restarting.

Many gamers report that hard resets do not work, and they are unable to use the console.

This issue seems to only affect Xbox Insider Program members.

According to Microsoft’s page, the program allows you to preview and provide feedback about Xbox content prior to it being made available to the public.

Please note: Program updates might not be as stable and could temporarily affect functionality.

A Xbox owner posted this update about what happened to his console, and the steps they took to repair it online.

“I have just switched on my Xbox One. The screen displayed the usual “Hi (My Name),” then it went black. It was just a black screen.

I tried holding down the power button, then unplugging the device and leaving it alone for about a minute. But it only gave me the startup screen and the Hello message. Then it went back to black. What can I do to fix it?

One user shared the following: “I first held the synch and power buttons, then I immediately held down the eject button as soon as the device turned on. It took me as long to hold my fingers still until I saw the screen for factory reset.

“I hit reset and made sure my games were saved. No finger slips. Then I was ready to go.

It seems that some console owners who were locked out by their hardware have found the Factory Reset helpful.

Microsoft could send an update for this problem soon. New beta updates are launched each day.

If the problem becomes more common, Microsoft may share additional news.

Publiated at Wed 25 August 2021, 02:05:44 +0000

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