A clue to prove Jimmy Nicholson doesn’t choose Brooke Cleal

A telling clue to prove that Jimmy Nicholson DID NOT choose Brooke Cleal, after Brooke admitted she was unhappy that he worked nights as a pilot.

Brooke Cleal recently returned to The Bachelor mansion after she was allowed to take a few days off to attend her grandfather’s funeral.

A teaser trailer from Thursday’s episode gives us a clue as to why Jimmy Nicholson will not choose the 27-year old occupational therapist for his last lady.

After meeting Brooke’s family, he said to them, “I know Brooke is able to make me happy. But I don’t know how Brooke will make me happy.”

Revealed: Telling clue proves Jimmy Nicholson DOESN'T choose Brooke Cleal in new trailer for Thursday night's episode after he said he wants someone who was independent

Revealed! A telling clue shows that Jimmy Nicholson didn’t choose Brooke Cleal after saying he wanted someone independent.

After Brooke had told Jimmy she was not happy that he wasn’t home at night due to his pilot job, it happened.

Jimmy commented on Wednesday’s episode that Brooke seemed so dependent in her relationships.

‘You work nights. My work hours are pretty consistent from 8:15 to 4:30 in the morning. She told him that she wanted to spend more time with her partner at night and suggested that he should know this.

Telling clue: 'I know Brooke can make me happy, but I don't know if I can make Brooke happy,' Jimmy, 31,  says to cameras after meeting her family in the new trailer

A clue to the story: Jimmy (31), says after meeting Brooke and her family at their new trailer, “I know Brooke is able to make me happy but I don’t know if Brooke can make my happy.”

He said, “I feel like I have always said that I needed someone independent.”

Jimmy stated that the expectation was not that anyone would move for Jimmy, but he understood that he could’t alter his roster.

“I cannot change my job.” Jimmy said, “I love my job.”

This is the end. After Brooke had told Jimmy she was not happy that he wasn’t home at night due to his pilot job, it happened.

Brooke admitted earlier in the episode that she was insecure because she had seen paparazzi pictures of Jimmy having an affair with one of the girls. Brooke went home to her grandfather’s funeral and saw the photos.

She told Jimmy that she was able to search certain items on Google, but there were some red flags.

“Obviously, I was a cheeky stalker of you, but I didn’t expect to see paparazzi photos of some girls like Holly, Lily, and Ash.”

'I love my job': Jimmy said the expectation wasn't that someone was going to move for for him, but understand that he couldn't change his roster

Jimmy stated that “I love my work”: He said that the expectation was not that anyone would move to replace him. But he understood that it wasn’t possible for him to change his job roster.

Insecure: Earlier in the episode, Brooke said that she felt insecure after she saw paparazzi photos of Jimmy getting intimate with other contestants when she went home to attend her grandfather's funeral

Brooke felt insecure earlier in the episode when Brooke stated that she was insecure following seeing paparazzi photographs of Jimmy having an intimate relationship with another contestant, and she returned home to attend her grandfather’s funeral.

“That is a source of great insecurity. That was hard for me to understand, especially since Lily and your date were very sexually explicit in the paparazzi photo.

“They made me nervous, because they seemed to be a little bit sexual. The spectacle was overwhelming.

On Thursday, Jimmy will pay home visits with contestants Brooke and Carlie Hodges as well as Jacinta “Jay” Lal, Holly Kingston, Holly Kingston, and Brooke.

According to Sportsbet, Holly Kingston (Marketing Manager), is still the favorite to win Jimmy’s affections.

The odds that she wins are 1.42 for Sportsbet, and 1.15 for TAB.

Front-runner: Marketing manager Holly Kingston, 27, remains the bookies' favourite to win Jimmy's heart, according to both Sportsbet and TAB

Holly Kingston (Marketing manager), 27, is the front-runner. According to Sportsbet as well as TAB, Holly Kingston remains Jimmy’s favorite to win his heart.


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