After passenger’s injuries, an Alaska Airlines plane was evacuated from Seattle. Samsung cell phone catches fire

(Alaska Airlines Photo)

After the plane from New Orleans touched down at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Monday night, a cell phone fire in the cabin forced emergency evacuations.

The incident resulted in no injuries. According to reports, the phone was a Samsung Galaxy A21.

Perry Cooper, a spokesperson for the Port of Seattle said that “I can confirm that your phone was destroyed beyond recognition.” Perry Cooper spoke to GeekWire. “However,” Perry Cooper said in a statement to GeekWire that the phone had been identified as a Samsung Galaxy A21 by the passenger during an interview with a Port of Seattle Police officer. We could not verify it again by inspecting the remnants of the phone.”

Alaska Airlines stated that the passenger’s phone had overheated shortly after landing and started sparking while waiting at a gate.

“The crew acted swiftly using fire extinguishers and a battery containment bag to stop the phone from smoking,” a spokesperson said in a statement to GeekWire. Crew members used the evacuation slides to clear the cabin of smoke.

Six crew members and 129 passengers were on board the plane. Sea-Tac Airport reported that the passengers were taken by bus from their home to the terminal. There were no reports of minor injuries. Alaska reported that two of the passengers received treatment at an area hospital.

Initial tweets stated that the fire had been found in the cargo holds. However, the tweet was later corrected to indicate the fire in the cabin.

One passenger tweeted that she was seat two or three rows ahead of where the phone caught fire and she said it was “like a smoke machine.” She added that the flight attendants “did an excellent job and all passengers were very calm.”

Cooper stated that there weren’t any operational impact to the airport.

GeekWire reached out to Samsung and received a response. We will continue updating this story once we receive back from Samsung. In 2016, the consumer electronics giant issued a global recall for its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, saying that it found a “battery cell issue” after investigating reports of some devices exploding or burning while charging.

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