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Clear is working in partnership with OpenTable to validate restaurant-goers. Covid vaccine status

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According to the online reservation site, users will soon notice a banner with “Clear”, which appears on their confirmation of reservation if they make a reservation via its iPhone or Android app. Clear will provide information on how to sign up for the free digital vaccination card by clicking on this banner. OpenTable will add this feature to the Android and iPhone apps by September. Clear hopes it makes it simpler for people to show that they are vaccinated.
The announcement comes at a time when several cities — New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans — require proof of vaccination or a recent negative Covid test to enter certain kinds of indoor venues, such as restaurants, as the pandemic surges with the highly contagious Delta variant. Many restaurants are now implementing their own vaccination mandates. OpenTable currently lists on its website 450 restaurants across the United States that require indoor diners to be vaccinated against Covid.
Clear is best known for speeding travelers through airport security. However, the company also offers apps that can prove that a person was vaccinated against Covid. Clear has an existing app that can create a digital vaccine card. It stores a photo of a US-based user’s CDC Covid-19 vaccine record card, as well as link to evidence of vaccination from different vaccine providers.
To sign up, you will need to scan your passport or ID card. You’ll also have to submit a photo and allow Clear facial-recognition technology for verification. Clear does not require that you be a member of its paid airport security program. The digital vaccine card uses biometric information to identify the travelers using it.
In an interview Wednesday with CNN’s Erica Hill, OpenTable CEO Debby Soo said the company’s partnership with Clear is one of numerous tools meant to help restaurants get through the pandemic.
She said, “As you might imagine, providing excellent hospitality is difficult during normal times but it was incredibly difficult during the pandemic and different stages of the pandemic,” adding that she could not keep up with all the pivoting and, now, for some restaurants in cities such as New York or San Francisco, proof of vaccination.
According to OpenTable, August’s US seated diners decreased 11% in August, compared to July. Covid cases dropped sharply in spring but rose rapidly in summer thanks to rapid expansion of the Delta version.

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