Don’t make data collection too difficult. This is how this black The AI game is changing because of female founders

Angela Benton believes data can change the world.

A serial entrepreneur who has been working in technology since the dot-com era, Benton is the founder and CEO of Streamlytics, a data-science firm based in Culver City, California. Benton’s company, which is focused on Black Americans, and other underrepresented groups, has pioneered a transparent and ethical approach to data collection. Customers upload their own data, receive payment for it and retain ownership. Streamlytics developed an algorithm that determines the value of data. It then analyzes and cleans it up for resale to other businesses.

In an Inc. Real Talk stream on Wednesday, Benton said that data is “really, I believe, the connective tissue” between the things we do today (on our phones and laptops) as well as the future.

Benton shares his predictions on the future privacy of consumers, the role data plays in diversity and inclusion initiatives, as well as what information business owners need to know when collecting customer data.

How ethically obtained data can reduce bias in AI

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A new standard could allow you to transfer and request your data more easily:

What businesses should be doing to avoid using creepy trackers for consumer data?

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