Ford removes Bronco pickups

DETROIT — According to two people familiar with the matter, Ford Motor Co. decided to scrap plans for a pickup Bronco SUV off-road vehicle.

According to Automotive News, although the automaker had planned to launch a Bronco-based pickup by 2024, it has since informed its suppliers that the program is canceled. The pickup was planned to be made at the same facility that also assembles the Ranger pickup and the Bronco SUV in Wayne, Mich.

Mike Levine, Ford spokesperson, declined to discuss the future of Ford’s product line but stated that there was strong demand for its full range of rugged trucks and SUVs. This includes Bronco-brand utility vehicles and our Ford Truck lineup.

Bronco pickup plans have not been confirmed by the company.

Ford would now have three smaller pickups than the F-150, in addition to the Ranger or upcoming Maverick. This new Ford vehicle could also be a competitor to Jeep Gladiator. It would have been a huge overlap and probably hurt sales of the Ranger. Ford intends to invest in it with a 2023 redesign and an expected Raptor variant.

The addition of a gasoline-powered vehicle to its range also defeats Ford’s goal to achieve 40% global electric vehicle sales by 2030. Ford set this target in May. Over the last year, Ford has significantly expanded its electrification efforts. It also supports a federal non-binding goal of emission-free vehicles accounting for half of all sales by 2030.

Executives have said that the Bronco family will grow beyond the current two-door Bronco, four door Bronco and Bronco Sport crossover. Recently taken spy photos show what appears to be the Bronco Performance variant, as well as a possible hybrid model.

The new cars received positive reviews from the beginning. Ford sold 62 820 Bronco Sports in the U.S. and 4 078 Broncos there from July to July. However, early Bronco builds were plagued with problems with the roofs manufactured by Webasto.

Ford sold Bronco pickups previously.

The 1966 model year saw the introduction of the SUV. It was available in three styles: a “sports utility”, which featured a closed-cabin with an open bed and a “sports Utility” with 32 cubic feet of storage space.

Also, the “roadster” version had an open-bed model with no roof and optional rear seating.

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